Ok, I don’t need to say or prove why feminism is a good thing, everyone needs to be respected reguardless of species, race, gender, age or interests. Yet you will find that one person once in your life that will think “feminism” is women power over men, which isn’t true. I seen like millions of messages how feminists are ruining our county like gays, interrracial marriages or green energy. I went ahead and looked at the term of “ferminist”

Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women.[1][2] This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women.


This is something I support, I feel everyone should have equal say and be treated as a equal. Women do infact get the short end of the stick. Just look at Job pay, now this is coming from someone that makes less than minimium wage most of the time. Hard working women do not get the same pay for most jobs… This is a ideal that needs to be removed from corporations. There is no reason to pay someone less because they have diffirent sex.

The main reason this is a issue because of generations of teaching/peer-pressure that made men thing they have to save a women and be that one thing they truly want and once they do that they are their slave…. I find this to be bullshit… I am a single guy but I find someone to use someone else for their own pleasure or to allow them to be more lazy disgusts me.

My Grandmother on my father’s side to me is angel, she loves, she forgives and tries to mend together our disfunctional extended family. Though our belief was diffirent than hers, she supported me… I didn’t disrespect her because I know she wouldn’t do that to me… She doesn’t deserve that. Not many women get this treatment from others and its sad.

Now, I have to take a detour and give my “understanding” why the mistreatment of women on the male side… Now there is the generic asshole but I do notice (rarely mind you) where men in their young adult life get harshly rejected because of their body, interests or wealth. Now the same standards are placed on women as much as men… If you don’t have a rock hard body and 6 pack abs, weild a weapon or been in jail then you seem less attricve. I heard that “nice guys” finish last and I gotten mistreatment from women but IT DOESN’T MEAN EVERY SINGLE WOMEN, LADY, GIRL OR FEMALE IS LIKE THAT. I hate the one not the group.

Now my brother (as an example) has a negative view on feminism because of his past issues with women and with our own mother that hated him because he looked like my father’s side of the family. He tried to help, and be kind… He wrote her off… yet after that he had this dominant stance to others. Its his way or the highway… Normally it give him more negative views of others.

Now lets get to the numbers and use math…

women (full time) make about 77% compared to their male counterparts… which is unacceptable!… if you factor in part time its higher at 84% which is better but not good enough. If we factor in race and religion (which is illegal) does change the income mostly for the worse. If you make 420K a year as a male, then if you where a female doing the same job then you’d think they should be paid the same.

Now, also looking at fact-tank I also come to the conlisuion that women are more likely to turn down promotions, hour increase because care for family. Which can make understanding if the pay was like 4% compared to the male counterparts if this was the only case. I believe that old time standards are still hard rooted in places they shouldn’t.

Now, tl;dr:

Feminists want equal rights for women, this mean fairness for everyone if you can’t handle equal rights then think to yourself, what if you where in their position? wouldn’t you want/demand the same thing? because I would.


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