For those of you who are old enough to remember the original Shadow Warrior game, you are filled with memories of cheesy one liners, pixelated gore and graphical anime girls. The original was a very entertaining game, which was released 5 years after the original doom game, and shared many traits with Duke Nukem. Though the original game was still pixelated as all get out, it was a very good looking game for 1997! It had great playablity and an even better multiplayer system.




In 2013, 3D Realms sold the rights to the game to Flying Wild Hog Studios. The have completely re-made the game, keeping the same goofy original character! I did not expect much when I heard about this game being re-made because of the giant flop the was Duke Nukem finally being released, but I was sorely mistaken!

sw-2013-09-28-14-44-07-20The new game can be easily described in one word…Awesome! This game brings back the original excitement of blasting through hordes of demons with many types of weapons. You can choose to use guns, magical attacks, or just your good ol fashion sword. This game has some great moments that bring back memories of the old game as well as a relatively decent story. 

Now going into the use of the sword. I was half expecting this game to just be slicing and having a single type of animation similar to the old game, but this game features a point hitting system. If you slash at an arm, that are comes off! Slash at a leg, your enemy will be left hopping, until they fall and try to crawl away. Usually if you let them crawl away, they do die from blood loss, but I prefer to “Finish the Job”. 

I would recommend this game to anybody who likes the thought of being a ninja and slashing through demons and gaining powers to help your ass kicking ability! Remember that Shadow Warrior has tons of secrets in the levels, and I am still finding out more with my second playthrough. Keep your eyes open!