If you have not downloaded and played Planetside 2 yet…WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? This is a great sequel to the original Planetside. This game features great graphics, fun gameplay, and tons of addins! The game itself is free to download and play, but you do run into expenses if you are too lazy to get cert points to buy upgrades, but they keep the pricing relatively low.

Onto the tips! One of my favorite types of characters in the game is the sniper. Usually I find sniping in other games difficult because of the size of the map you are playing on. With Planetside 2 being a VAST area, you can snipe from a comfortable distance without much worry. Now when choosing a sniper as your class, there are certain weapons and abilities you will need to ensure that you have to successfully be unseen.


The first ability you will get as a sniper class is the ability to cloak yourself. The inital ability will mark you relatively invisible from distances, but if someone is close to you, they will see you slightly (kind of like a predator). The key is to upgrade this ability as much as you can as you begin to earn certification points. The more you put into the ability, the longer you can be cloaked and the more effective it is. When cloaked, you can’t fire your weapon until you uncloak, but this is as easy as a button press (even when zooming), and always cloak again after you fire a shot! Remember that you are a sniper, not a close combat fighter, if you are seen, it is better to flee then to stay to fight. If you are being chased, cloak yourself and crouch to gain extra invisibility to see if you can trick the person chasing you to thinking you jumped off a building or successfully eluded them. Remember that you are usually going to be on your own, so if you see a large group of people acting as a team, it is usually a better idea. to let them pass.



There are many sniper weapons to choose from that all have their pro’s and con’s. Some have rapid fire but low damage and some have heavy damage, but are bolt action. I recommend that you use a heavy damage weapon with a 12x scope because, though they are slow to load another shot, if you hit the enemy in the right spot, you can usually take them down. Sniping is all about patience and making sure you only need one shot to take down an opponent. As for your sidearm, get a rapid fire pistol just in case things get hairy! I recommend the EM4 Longshot rifle!



Choosing the right position to fire from is key! You want to find the right amount of cover on high ground. Most of the bases that you will be attempting to take over will have a few good vantage points that give a sniper cover, a clear line of sight to where enemies usually stay and will be far enough away that you will be hard to see. There are many factors that can get a sniper seen. If you are playing during the night, enemies will be able to see your muzzel flash when you fire as well as your bullet trail, so during night keep changing positions after a few shots. Same will go if you hit an enemy and don’t kill them on the first shot. They will notice they are being sniped an if they see your position, they will go for revenge after the respawn! Also, remember that sniping means you must be a “loner”. Never stand near other groups, snipers, or in the heat of action. Your one and only job is find the best position for yourself.  Be greedy!



Snipers are great at taking down light to medium infantry. Don’t push your luck and try shooting at vehicles or heavy targets! They will see you, and they will kill you before you can put a ding in them! Stick to taking down the easy pickings! If you decide to get a vehicle in the game, DO NOT PARK YOUR VEHICLE NEXT TO WHERE YOU SNIPE! I cannot stress this enough! Vehicles will show up on enemy minimaps and are easy XP to enemies. IF you do get a vehicle, drive to your location and leave it behind! 



Hopefully this review will help you become a better, and smarter, sniper. Remember that even though you will be a loner, help your faction! Always help other team mates in need and if you see a group about to be ambushed, try to help dispurse the opposition! Good luck out there soldier!