It locks up, it gets sluggish, If it doesn’t crash during the game it will crash starting up another game. You will have to restart the client AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. Now with that said..




Why I say that, because if you enjoy the idea of controling an army, making a base and destoring your enemy you can… like nukes… ITs got it? want to orbital attack your enemy and ram planets into his base then Planetary Annihilation got for you… your not limited to a single 2d map with 3d visuals. 

Your in a solar system and you can get off a planet (if you have control of the orbit level and get out before they kill your transport) you can start anew and come back with vengance with bringing a planet on top of their heads. This game is straight forward if you played surpeme commander 2 as the feel of the same is pretty much the same ideal just scale of solar systems. So movement and stratagy change greatly when you play this game. Some tactics like turtling or rushing may not work as well against those that collect intelligance counter and prepare a plan B if all hell breaks loose. 

I yet see a player kill another player with planet kill yet but I hope I see that happen soon. 

Now if you excuse me I am going to play more planetary annihilation… I got planets to smash together. I thinking of doing some gameplay videos in the future once I get half-way decent at this game. I am too amazed at