Ok, After talking to people and confusion in how to go about submitting videos to the network so our youtube channel has more content. Also I check my mail often and if I recieve “SPAM” or messages from E-mails I can’t verify… Please make sure to go into detail in your message or I might outright delete it… IF its the same e-mail you signed up with then I would be less likely to delete your message on E-mail for most of the ways to upload content to me.

Also take under consideration, I will have to edit most content… break it down into chunks or keep as is, any content I deem unsuited for Drakeal Network will not go up.

Once you have recorded a session (editted or non-eddited/raw) you can send it to me in a few ways. 

Way 1 Wetransfer

togo https://www.wetransfer.com/ and skip any promotional images by clicking “Skip”

upload your video file, if its too large break it down into parts so it fits… you don’t need to zip it since its a single file.

Send the upload to Drakeal @ drakeal.com (remove the extra spaces) This goes to me directly. Make sure to give some details.

Way 2 Dropbox

Get a dropbox account and place your recording into your dropbox… when it sync’ed with dropbox you get the url by right clicking the file and getting the URL link… you can send me the message on the forums via private message or E-mail from Way 1

Way 3 FTP

If you have a webserver and you have enough bandwidth and space to place your file in a downloadable location, I can get it that way.