Ok, Getting Rich off google… well its possible but without its roadblocks and issues along the way… I seen a lot and I mean A LOT of those “Make thousands off Google” and a picture with blurred names and E-mails and more. These are not always the best place to get the info you need to make money online. 

I know there at least 100.000 searches a month on google alone for “Make money online” and “Making money off Google” and those thousands that these “people” make are those that make these make money quick schemes BUT there are a few that I had the chance to see myself though friends that allowed me to show you. This isn’t about those problems this is how to make money google and what it takes to make money! Some quick tips.

Understand a successful endeavor online to be very profitable requires knowledge in HTML/CSS/PHP, SEO optimization, Theme and a lot of friends. Why I say this? Because if your site doesn’t look unique and optimize for all devices you lose traffic. If you don’t make an interesting thing to come back that being articles, animation, videos, comics, events or gaming you might not get as much traffic for your site… some sites will take many types of websites together; like networks and communities and fan sites. Then you need SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to ensure that when people search for something related to your article/content it will show up in their search. That’s just the tip of the iceberg because after that you need to add in affiliate links, AdSense (or another banner ad system) and more.

But I am going too fast, let me slow down and place this all down here:

  1. Hosting and a Domain name, I am going through the steps to make a website related to content… If it’s about computers then you need “PC” “System” or “Computer” in your name… this needs consideration.
    1. Then you need hosting, small sites can be hosted with a free service. Then you spending less money monthly and more on revenue. You only need to pay for domain, which is helpful… A free service isn’t always online and can’t always guaranteed to be online and need one that allows banner ads on your site.
  2. Adsense or Banner ads account like projectwonderful
    1. Adsense does need at least 100 USD before they will send a payment
    2. It isn’t instant
  3. Affiliate or pay by links
  4. Setup website, select CMS/blog system and get a theme
  5. Get plugins or extensions to help with your website with SEO and making the site look nice. (Don’t forget to get a responsive theme or make one)
  6. Make content often, make sure to get backlinks on content you write about.
    1. Make sure grammar and spelling is top notch. (Mine is horrible, if yours is bad as well look for software helps.)
    2. Make sure SEO for the content so it updated with SEO.
  7. Talk with other related sites for affiliated with them to boost in traffic and help with SEO
    1. More related affiliations can help and hurt you… make sure to have links follow popular sites and no-follow less related or bad links.
    2. Keep checking site so it isn’t blacklisted.
    3. If writing, more writing the better… Make sure it all makes sense.
  8. Then Raise and repeat step 6 and 7 every so often to keep your site updated.
  9. Once your site gets large 10,000 articles or more than its good to clean up inactive or end content or make an update post to make it reliance again for Search Engines.
  10. Check your AdSense and update when needed to ensure payments are sent to you.

That is the minimum you need to make money on a website…. Now there a lot more you need to do… If you’re interested in more info leave a comment and I will make more public/network only articles about making money online.