World of tanks is a Massively multiplayer Online game focused on historical weapons called “Tanks” which allow players to play on 2 teams in many gamemodes with 15 vs 15 teams. Each player per match will only be able to use the tank they start with and once they are killed or the round is over the tank will not be able to be used. After playing this game for 3 years, world of tanks is a arena based gameplay, Its would be enjoyable for old and young players. I find world of tanks fun that even that you die you can still play in another match, quickly get into another game pretty quickly Instant battles in many console games is what world of tanks delivers.

The game already is play-able on Xbox360/One and soon able on mobile devices like android and iphone. This will increase the amount of players as this is a very popular title. World of Tanks is a strong player in F2P MMO games, older than Warframe it still gives strong points to be a top dog and might be for years to come.

Overall I give World of tanks 4.5 out of 5 for its design, constant intergation with tanks and improvement over the years since release. I look forward reviewing world of battleships very soon.