Supreme Commander 2, you lead your robotic army to victory against your enemies. If your a fan of this game you well aware of the end of the infinite war has ended, yadda yadda yadda… 3 factions at peace The United Earth Federation (UEF), the Cybran Nation and the Illuminate… Now you take part as three commanders where their stories link together and in fact fight together. When you beat the game everything comes together with a nice ending. I won’t spoil it.

I enjoyed this game a lot and kept playing with friends in the side… I’d like to play this game again if I see more people playing it. Its a nice node based ecomony system. You get to a point where you don’t need any of the nodes just a lot of power. Tech is balanced acrossed all three factions and pretty neat way to deal with tech… everything has a counter, mixing not always effective than massing I see but if done right can be very useful in eliminating your enemy. These massive battlefields of massive armies… I enjoy the idea or a large island battles or arenas.

I would recommend this game to other Real Time stratagy gamers, Its pretty fun to get into but if you haven’t played a game or have some experiance with most base building RTS games your pretty much outta luck. I really like the UEF’s design… I do enjoy their aircraft and navy. 

But in the end, my score for this game is:

  1. Gameplay 8/10 – This game was very solid controls, I am annoyed that the hardest AI they have isn’t hard enough… yet you do need allies but enough… There was some gameplay with interface I didn’t like so much but once I got used to it wasn’t so bad… and I ran into a few bugs.
  2. Design 9/10 – For the time design was stunning and even now its not bad. I can’t really think for anything more for this game except for a few updates.
  3. Story 10/10 – The story came together, some humor and serious points that really wanted me to play the next mission. If this was in a book, I’d read it again and again.

Overall 9/10 for a game of that age this was fun, enjoyable… I hope to play another installment when I can… Love the series now becaues of this game… I should play the first one but need to get it first… and I can review it.