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I don’t need to say how much I hate “Gender roles” yet I go get angry when I can figure out when someone is male or female then come to say them “I apologize but are you a woman?” generally I get the responce, “WHAT YOU CAN’T TELL? SERIOUSLY?” and storm out (normally on voice commucations when I do see the other person’s face)… exceptions is with those that do think about what I said and do understand my confusion. I prefer to be sure and use the correct terms when addressing them he, she or what they prefer its polite to do this, yet people do get offened.

Over the past several years, school dress codes haven’t been without controversy. Particularly because gender-based dress codes often end up furthering unhealthy attitudes about female sexuality — suggesting that it’s girls’ responsibility to cover up because boys can’t help but get “distracted” — students and parents sometimes protest against what they see as a harmful approach to kids’ understanding of gender roles.


Now, I am angry that schools can’t learn that change to the times… They are a place of LEARNING… and they are not open to accept or adapt to these changes in society and majority find this unacceptable. Diffirences makes us stronger, not the same thing… if we have to confine to stupid gender roles then we can’t grow as a species… we just stupid animals unable to grow.

1. A high school senior was kicked out of her prom for wearing pants.

A senior in North Carolina says she was kicked out of prom this past weekend because she showed up in red skinny jeans. “It was kind of a slap in the face,” Shafer Rupard told a local WBTV outlet. She says she was approached by a teacher and asked to leave the event, which was being held at their town’s country club. Her mother, who doesn’t understand what’s wrong with her daughter wanting to wear pants, says she doesn’t think the school publicized any dress code requirements for prom. “It’s just the way she’s always been and she wanted to feel comfortable in her own skin,” Shafer’s mother said. “We want to put out the message to all teenagers that you should be allowed to be yourself.”


Pants…. freaking pants… Ok, this is 2014, not 1950’s or before… Why should a women be forced to wear a dress, If a man doesn’t wear a dress, why should a woman… IF you have a exuse for that then you are horrible. I got to say the mother of this senior is truly understand change, Everyone should be themselves. I stand by this like a solid statue of an unbreakable material. Plus there was not info on the required dress code for this prom and even if there was, if a woman is unable to wear something confurtable then I’d like anyone to wear a dress something from the 1700’s… Even if you did wear it, it would be very unconfurtable.

2. A fourteen-year-old boy was penalized for wearing makeup.

I would be lieing if I was 100% ok with this. It would disturb me if it wasn’t a cosplay BUT I do know transgendered indiviuals and they pretty nice people. Now honestly if students where getting uneasy about this then talking to the parent and the student. This one I really don’t know really to stand.

3. An eight-year-old girl was asked to leave her Christian school because she’s not “girly” enough.

Anyone knows me, when a religion gets involved in something not positive for everyone turns my stomach.. It makes everyone in that faith bad, that isn’t fair to the “decent” members of that faith. This is one of them… Bible was written in times where the women wern’t in power most of the time and where considered evil in some factions… They used it to Justy their actions, to me, gives me the only exuse they thrown… They didn’t like how someone looks, and use gods will to enforce their rules.

Granted the fear does help with keeping criminals in line and rules helps keep a society in order. Without them choas happens. Gender roles do appear to help society to operate but it can survive without them.

4. A thirteen-year-old boy was suspended for carrying a Vera Bradley purse.
5. A nine-year-old boy was banned from bringing his “My Little Pony” bag to school.

These relate and I have voiced my opinion about Grayson Bruce’s issue on my brony radio station AlicornRadio, I am a brony and when a school acts like the chidren they are posed to be teaching makes me that much more stronger on my stance against their actions. Grayson Bruce’s school where allowing him to be bullied and removing a piece of item they where being bullied about. This doesn’t stop bulling but encourges it, Grayson should have recieved support and bullies put in their place.

Sociologists agree that children “learn gender” from constantly being the subject of society’s expectations. But pressuring kids to conform to traditional gender roles can have serious consequences. The children whose parents attempt to over-correct behavior that traditionally occurs within the opposite sex are at greater risk of developing negative psychiatric symptoms as an adult.

And reinforcing traditional gendered behavior can also teach kids to equate their gender with stereotypes that aren’t always healthy. Teaching a little boy that cultural markers of femininity, like purses and ponies, are worthy of his derision can end up influencing how he thinks about his female peers. Telling a little girl that she’s supposed to be “pretty” can send her the message that her value only comes from her appearance. And those attitudes are wrapped up in the power dynamics between men and women that persist into adulthood.


I find when you FORCE things on children they will hold it against you. If you want a child to be happy, keep an eye on their actions and let them know what they are doing could harm them and why. If you don’t agree with them for their life choices, children need to be supported and helped. Not shoved down a path they will forever regret being placed on and when they are grown up will feel empty. 

Tara, you got this on the nail and happy to read this article. I hope people learn more from this and improve their actions to others (specially schools)