Hunting, A sport… Sometimes its done to control large population of animals that damage the ego-system of a area. Being Omnivores we eat meat so hunting is a standard but in this pratice; I have to ask “Why hunt a lion; which their numbers are slowly decreasing in the world?” to this picture and @MelissaBachman who is in this picture. I will be fine with defensive stance against this animal if your life was threatened and you where in fact avoiding their terriorty but going out to kill game like this in this matter is disgusting. I won’t shun hunters because not all of them do this… Big game hunters I would question, and question highly. 

Now a Woman hunter, cool… Trained in using a weapon respectfully… Respect… Hunting for food to feed others… Awesome…Kill a lion for sport… What now?!

I don’t support the hunting of enragered spieces, there are many that die often on this planet. Lions in my eyes are one of those animals that should be protected… Now I only have the basis of this tweet and the message on @ImageOfWildlife to go on so I have to ask… What happened, why a lion and what real gain is there for hunting this animal? I don’t think the meat on a lion would be worth than a cow.

So I am pretty flustured with getting a stance on this, when it comes to animals that are over common… then I understand hunting season to balance our their numbers but hunting rare animals for sport seems wrong to me. I know that its personal preference to view hunting, Its not for everyone… There are extreme on both sides and I feel this was a little to far on one end. Can I stop them from doing it myself, I really can’t…

I am more for protecting nature because sooner or later, we won’t have any left.