Twitter today I saw a retweet from @AndrewWK to this link and it was about guns, and someone’s opinion on getting a gun because they where robbed and considering getting a gun.

I’ve always been a staunch opponent of guns, but my home has been broken into twice in the last six weeks. Now I’m thinking about purchasing a gun to protect my family and home. My wife is very much against this idea, and we fight about it often. I completely understand where she’s coming from, as her views on the dangers of owning a gun used to be my own. But now I just don’t know what to do. What do you think? Should I get a gun?
– One Shot

Myself, with guns I don’t think themselves are the issue as they are in fact weapons. They are designed to be used to harm another… If used correctly and everything runs smoothy can defuse issues without firing a shot BUT when used incorrectly or mistakes made in use which can end in harm or death.

Guns are intense. Not only as a powerful extension of a man’s hand, but also as an extension of his will and ability to kill.
– Andrew WK

Guns are intense, I have used a pistol on a firing range a year ago. Its an extension; a tool which is to enforce will 0n others… whom wields such a tool can matter and cause problems or solve them. With any tool, you has a user are responable for learning to use a tool correctly and ensure correct Judgement. If you choose to get a gun and take all the classes and courses needed to ensure proper use then I will feel safer knowing that a trained and clear minded individual is there ready. I feel when those that have the right mind for owning a weapon to be defensive is much better than a mind that just wants to have a gun to just own one.

The idea would be never to use it, or have to use it. I don’t believe that having a gun in your house somehow “attracts” bad vibes into your home, but it does suddenly allow for a whole range of possibilities to occur that simply wouldn’t be possible if a gun wasn’t there. Fathom those possibilities, and weigh your options heavily.
– Andrew WK

Like I said before, with the right training and courses a gun can be used correctly. A gun owner or considering to get a gun needs to have all these possibilities covered or heavily considered before and during owning a gun. Andrew has a good point on this that I agree with “never use it or have to use it” I am unsure how many current gun owners consider their actions when using a weapon but, Its clear there are many people out there that do not need weapons or should have them on hand. We within the United States alone have too many shootings… If it was from legally getting a weapon or illegaly. I just hope in my own view that if you are a gun owner you are well-trained in using your fire arm and have the correct judgement to make the right call at the right time.

A gun can’t love someone or have compassion, but you can. Whatever you decide to do, just take great care. I hope you never shoot anyone.
– Andrew WK

I hope that no one is forced to shoot anyone, and no truer words need to be said, Andrew had it on the money on this article and I hope people take his words to heart.