Hello everyone, Moinetc, Officer of Drakeal Armored Division is holding a contest for those active on the website/forums/teamspeak.. If you play world of tanks it might be worth it.

I will be sponsoring a giveaway for members of Drakeal Armored Division. the prize will be awarded around the beginning of each month. The prize amount will range from approximately $20 to $50. the prize amount will be announced with the winners name in this thread. the winner will need to reply with their in game name as it appears in their world of tanks garage and what they would like from the gift shop, as long as the total is close to (within $1) the amount posted for that month they can pick multiple items from the gift shop. for example if the prize amount is $20 currently there is 2500 gold + 16 days of premium time available for $20.49, or matilda black prince + a garage spot for $10.65 and type 3 chi nu kai + a garage spot for $9.55 total of both is $20.20. any combination of items can be selected as long as it is approximately the prize amount listed. as I am sponsoring this give away I am excluding myself from the drawing. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE AND HAVE FUN.


Have fun and good luck!