Eve-Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online game that takes it to a level that is TRULY a MMO. I played Eve online since 2007, the game never stops to be fun (if you can get over the cliff of a learning curve) but missions are fun, pvp is fun and game doesn’t push you along on a required path or training area. Everywhere isn’t truly safe (except in station and outposts) because you can be shoot anywhere at anytime by anyone. A true test of friendship and trust is on that game because you learn the true personality of “friends” on this game.

The few things you should know when playing Eve-online

1.     Excel spreadsheets are your best friends

2.     Never trust someone that is in a ship crappy or overly fancier than your own.

3.     Avoid taking items out of jet cans that people just drop.

4.     low security should be avoided, pirates will be after your booty

5.     Every ship size has its weakness and teaming up with people comes in handy.

Like I said earlier there is a learning curve… referred to a cliff, when playing Eve-online and since how much Eve-online is extensive with features that will keep you learning new things along the way. The hacking system was changed, Scanning and everything since I started in 2007… Even I with over 100,000,000 skill points are things I haven’t done yet. You will have a lot of things you can get into before this game gets boring… I think its harder to get away because there something there to bring you back in. 

1.     Missions

2.     Incursions

3.     Wormholes

4.     0.0 warfare

5.     Mining

6.     Hacking

7.     Salvaging

8.     Planetary Interaction

9.     Trading

10.  Exploring

11.  Faction Warfare

12.  Manufacturing

13.  Corporation/Alliance Warfare

14.  Silly Player made games

15.  lotteries

16.  Spying

17.  Being a Royal Pain…

And that generally covers everything but I hear there more coming out as Eve-online has been evolving and adapting to its player base, and not many MMO games do that (I can’t think of any others that do it on the scale of Eve-online). This game is clearly not for everyone because it’s very complex and not for the casual weekend player. I find Eve-online to be a very HARDCORE game and should take in consideration when planning to play it. They’re very little mechanics that stop you from doing something that seems possible and doesn’t stop someone to really mess up your hard work or funds you place into it. Eve-Online is a place for scum and villainy but also for true people to come out of the woodworks. 

Another Great thing about Eve-online, you can play it as a free to play with the addition of plexes… which add 30 days to the account so you can keep on playing so allows people that can’t afford paying monthly to pay for the account can get a plex though grinding missions, trading and so on.

Then you have the very well done graphics of the game, each ship does feel like… well a vessel in SPACE! they fit and give off personality. Planets are Beautiful and the Stars (as long you don’t stare at them) give the feeling of stars. I don’t see any other game out there, a MMO, of this scale and designs… every player except for china are on a single cluster. So we this experiance together.

But down to score Eve-online is the only game I feel that should get a 5 out of 5.