Oh, Anime, Games and collectables…. Pokemon being as long going as the simpsons and thensome.

I played the first gameboy games often, believe me this brand has been part of my childhood and I am sad that I been unable to play any of the new games that come out. The original Red, Blue and Yellow I recall the most. Missingno being abused than alchoal on happy hour, Catching 10 mew-twos and even glitch mew out a few times. When it comes to the first 151 pokemon, I became a master of the region no problem. The world? ehh I wished… I am now watching the black and white on netflix right now.

Now since I am all hyped out of Pokemon, its time to review the games… since I only played the first few games up to diamond and pearl when my cousin got it. I will limit my review to those games, It wouldn’t be fair to the rest if I did.


The Good:

Pokemon is your adventure to become the pokemon master, you pick your starter and make your team… Defeat the gym leaders to head to the elite four than the champion which was named after my brother or gary… because I love the idea to beat that smug popular boy with his…. but I am getting off topic here, one noticable thing about pokemon the ability to name. Which to this day people will name the trainer “I’ Never” or similar to get some humor out of the game. Which to the extent that pokemon was so popular was that you could make the story your own. 

The Neutral:

The Story pretty much the same in all the games, get badges, go to elite then fight your rival one last time and you become the master… Which isn’t bad but it be nice to see or learn more of pokemon lore more in the games but you can get that from the Anime itself or fanfictions if you don’t care to go non-canon but warning, not all fanfictions are a good idea to read. This game pretty straight forward. 

The Bad:

ehh, The combat system… specially the first game, where some pokemon are super powerful over others even this pokemon is weak to the type they are fighting and the same level… I don’t think I need to go into detail but it be nice to train pokemon stats on their activity or something… Its just being nick picky and that would be hard to place together with was limitations these games have and being on the device.


The Rating:

Hell no, its pokemon, it has ascended to a point that ratings are pointless… so I am not going to give it one… So I can say, play it… It might be fun to call your pokemon butt or something… I know for sure pokemon won’t die anytime soon. No having played pokemon is like a sign of how disappointing you life as a child was, or thats what I keep hearing.