about a month ago I played a new mmo called “Dragon’s Prophet” which I downloaded from steam at first you start out in a generic starting town, the graphics are good… the combat pretty smooth and the lag is miniamal. It took less than a few hours to get my first riding mount without paying for anything… Everyone, everywhere gets a flying mount… Its like OPERA but with DRAGONS! YOU GET A DRAGON, YOU GET A DRAGON, EVERYONE GETS DRAGONS! Now I just need a bigger and badder dragon to ride. Its very metal, I hope that this game gets bigger to a point I have to play it til I get to level 50 or so.

Because seriously, riding dragons, day 1… What game out there allows you to get a DRAGON quickly on the first day of playing without any prior help or payment… No other game thats what.. I am pleased to see a game that allow more freeform movement and exploration like warframe does but insted of having the ability to jump all over like a ninja… you get a dragon!.. Now just need a game where you can be a dragon… wait there is but it went out and you needed to pay… So far my top fantasy MMORPG so far has been this.

Lets Sum this game up, shall we?

  1. Story, A evil dragon lord… aims to take over the world (I don’t remember much) It had depth and clearly well thought out
  2. Trailer, On steam there are 2 trailer that are excetly the same, but looking online I saw some other trailers that looked very nice and wanted me to play this again.
  3. Combat, Its decent speed… similar to wow but flows smoother.
  4. Servers, Its not like eve-online where everyone is one a single cluster… why doesn’t other games do this? Its very good idea and I hate joining a server play on it and new friends I met are on another server and I need to redo or wait for support to help me if they allow character transfers…
  5. Dragons, Enough said
  6. Graphics, Very good even in the beginner area. Enough shiny to go around.

I give this game a “A” Grade for my first impression but overall I’d give it a “B” for what I seen so far… I need to play it more and maybe I will give it a chance.