Hello I am EthanPow and this is Drakeal Network… Now I wanted to discuss a topic that been growing concerns for all involved that use the internet actively. That is AdBlock Plus…

Well the main reason why I am doing this debate or self-debate… Is I have a site and thought well “I have fees to keep my website up for my small community… servers and such to keep it running..” So I placed a banner ad up on top of my website Drakeal Network… At this time I was using AdBlock Plus and even tried to see using Anti-Adblock Plus to see if it would work and written up an article on my site about it on the main page to ensure that people knew that it was my doing and I don’t prefer my non-aggressive ads blocked. I personally had to deal with malware that got on my computer from questionable ads, Pop-ups that are unwanted and hated… YES I WANT TO LEAVE THE SITE WHY DO YOU THINK I CLICKED THE “X” IN THE FIRST PLACE. I digress, after testing and seeing that anti-adblock plus will not happen and starting to see more force to block ads… there are those that are willing for non-intrusive adverts but I read it was a “paid” service.  

The internet, if you haven’t heard the term is A) “global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standardInternet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link several billion devices worldwide.

And without saying, most websites that people visit use Advertisements or ads to make aware of products or services that they might be interested in. This is to grant revenue to a site using their Traffic (visits people make to a site) into income for themselves. To what I know all top traffic websites use advertisements to make revenue… And even services like Youtube, Bing, Facebook and Twitter are some main examples.

I am going to debate and be neutral as possible in this matter…

Counter to AdBlock: “Websites use Ad as revenue to support websites in order to support their own costs to establishing a website. AdBlock (and related software) are using software to strip code from a site where a visitor with software will able to move about a site without supporting a site for their visit.”

Support to AdBlock: “Advertisements are an annoyance as daily life has shown in TV and movies… AdBlock allows people to enjoy without being forced down with unrelated ads and tracking codes. Yet some sites do not overkill and a visitor will choose to unblock their ads if they deem the site should get revenue.”

Counter: “And if everyone chooses to support any site, reject any means to support themselves… Even if their content is good… Advertisements also help content that people are interested in and make some website communities popular… If you don’t like the layout of a website why not contact the owner of the website itself?”

Support: “Not all websites provide contact info that will reach the developers… This way if you see a lack of revenue to your ‘popular’ site then it’s clear you’re doing something wrong. If adverts are infected with viruses and malware can infect computers with Java.”

Counter: “That’s what blacklists are for, anyone can report sites to major companies like Google when a site is infected… AdSense as a google product does test their adverts. The Option to block everything seems very ignorant to me. If a site is blacklisted and an owner fixes the problem… normally in a few days they get unblocked once their issue is fixed.”

Support: “And it’s the freedom of a visitor to see what they want on the internet, why should someone… force someone to see advertisements?”

Counter: “Here is the point, a Website is property… therefore would you goto someone property and remove it? You could but there are legal ways to do that… illegally you would go onto their property and remove the content you ‘deem’ that you don’t want to see, that would be breaking and entering… trespassing and Thief (because you would have to remove it from their property)… legally you would have to petition and take time to voice your concerns and it’s up to a committee to come an action that would fix the issue or dismiss it. If AdBlock worked like this where a person can ‘freely’ petition a banner ad(s) on a site if they are too intrusive or malicious. ”

Support: “Yes a Website is a Property but why can’t we choose to see or not see on a site… as far as a service AdBlock does offer an option to allow your adverts.”

Counter: “Yes, as a FEE to the webmaster… now this favors large companies than small single sites but this can be considered Extortion.”

Support: “But I do apply back to my point, a user can unblock a site or service that they deem worthy so a site doesn’t need to pay for this ‘service’ I do see people unblocking places they like and keep those that are overkill. Why should a user place their computer at risk over content that could or couldn’t be there. Why should people reward content that is incomplete, out of date or unrelated? websites that only give little rhyme or reason for their existence except for their banner ads to grant someone money.”

Counter: “I believe you are referring to Niche sites, which provides content for products or keywords for a product… reviews and links. That’s their reason and rhyme of existing.. giving high traffic keywords or products details and links to sites.”

Support: “Doesn’t Youtube reviewers do this already… even related network sites that hold this information? Why not support those people? They can place a donation link.”

Counter: “The idea of video ads, give them revenue and reduce the need to ask for donations. People make those that request donations or help… FREELOADERS and BEGGERS… negative… Advertisements redirect this negative statements to the ads themselves than the content creator.”

Support: “If that content creator makes good content, If they have ways to get donations and not announce they need money all the time wouldn’t look down at them.”

In the end, AdBlock Plus isn’t really going anywhere until it becomes useless to block ads or another program that allows more fair judgment of a website’s advertisements allowing good placement and advertisements that don’t act maliciously. I honestly can’t say AdBlock Plus is a bad thing itself it depends on the user in hand.

Do I use AdBlock Plus? Yes… Do I want to have it on always? No… I feel that a user has right to filter what they see on the internet and if they want content to survive they will support their sites directly but websites that are starting out or small that provide content needed shouldn’t die off because people hate ads.

The Developers and how they are going on getting the idea of Adblock Plus around is up to them and how that is going down and debate on them is another story not the use of Adblock Plus itself.

So if you’re a visitor please support your content creators by donating to them, unblocking their ads or getting them traffic by sharing their articles because in the end we make the internet… Not a single person but everyone and we need to make sure good content keeping flowing and not supporting them in any way breaks a part of the flow til it fates into nothing.

Thank you for reading this and share this with others! If you feel like I miss any points I should bring up in a update post or cover another topic send me a e-mail at [email protected]