This Article contains Spoilers for “Made in Abyss” and both versions “Full Metal Alchemist” If you wish to read any further then it’s your fault for spoilers.

I Just watched the first season of “Made in Abyss” and one character in question “Mitty” was a disfigured creature that is claimed to be mindless and lost its ‘Humanity’ where the main character is convinced that killing this character since they are able to use a cannon in their hand called “Incinerator”. A very emotional deep point since “Mitty” used to be a little child with her friend “Nanachi”.

In “Full Metal Alchemist” Scar takes the life of the Chimera of Nina and Alexander after their father tucker merged them. Scar Justified his actions to free the souls of the twisted beast in the eyes of his god. He thought his actions where Noble and the show did mentioned how did Nina have a chance of living a normal life? Since being half beast it would be hard unless they knew how to completely change her back. Which in hindsight be the case as in FMA: Brotherhood there are other chimeras that could take human form.

When is it Justifiable to take a life? However the simpler the answer the darker it becomes. Think about it, humans have killed each other for the smallest of reasons… If it is for survival or asinine ego. In wars, we killed because the other is killing their ideas and protecting the citizens/rights.

Killing a Killer? Self Defense? 

I can’t say its wrong to protect yourself but living in America if someone breaks into your home, you better aim to kill as if they survive then they can lash back. Some places in the world you can be killed and no Justice will be given to you. Not watching your step is one step into a grave. It’s Grim to think about but killing a killer still makes you a killer no matter how noble.

Some dark minded individuals will kill because they can, no real justifiable reason, just to kill. If it for to see some crimson pool on the floor or their authority is questioned. The wrong person with power will do anything to keep and expand their power. Granted some good can be done with little red tape in the way but is it really good.

Does it really matter?

Honestly, I think it does, in my opinion, killing someone is the end and til I have more solid proof I am going to believe that is the case. Ghosts are still possible in my eyes… therefore cutting their life short is the ultimate end, no way to recover from and theft of the highest degree.

This is why I find any killing in the name of a deity so vile in my eyes. It only proves to me that an all-powerful being is not powerful enough to do the deed if the victim is so blasphemous to killer’s ways. tip-toeing their way around the truth, a real sin, to be honest.

Grand Point.

Murdering is bad and should be avoided. However, we can never promise a day where we never kill each other. Maybe that’s why Aliens take a far way away from our system. A fantasy future where we all get along would be nice.