Salem Witch Trials in Steven Universe Fandom

Oh boy, I am not surprised and that alone is sad. When people exclude others for who they are or what they think without harming anyone is harrassed with the pitchforks of words and Ignorance of those that enjoy the same show they do. Its out of assumsion that they where out to be this horrible entity to destory their way of life… but really they had no ill intentions for the fandom… it was innocent… but the trials where made with illogical brainless lot who think something so small was so bad. The lemmings that followed in their circle in the name of social justice warriors… Yet again we prove that they need to use the organ that located behind your eyes and bewteen your ears. A group of people that follow this rightous cause to make someone kill themselves… 

you also know what that is… Its MURDER and you can be prosecuted in countries that have the laws in place and I assume majority of these “warriors” live within the United states of america… If I been informed correctly we have laws for this type of activity. Clearly we have people wasting their time being unriped of mental age that they lash out to anyone they can. If you attack someone with words in a group its the same of holding the knife and pushing it in for a fatal blow… It just makes you less than a monster but souless creten that can only be able to live with claws into souls and eat them from corpses. Its who such a creature lives… not as a humane person but a heartless person that if able would kill mercilessly to anyone not welcomed in their shadow.

I wish that major players that caused this indivinual pain and suffering… pays for it… each one giving pennance back to the one they drove too far. Only time will tell… and we need to stand up for whats right and take proper action and report such activity to authorties in mass. Only then action will be made.