Review of Space Engineers

Space, The Final Frontier… This the the Review of Space Engineer, Mission: To Examine, Explain and Rate on the interwebs.


Oh ok, Getting goofy there, anyway Space Engineers a more realistic in Space building and survival. At this moment of the Review Space Engineers is in Early Access on steam and not a completed game. I will Review as its released so far.


Now if you wanted to be able to play minecraft in space the this isn’t the simplified space sim like Starmade (unless you play the tekkit mod for minecraft)… or the ship you make in kingdom hearts. It takes a more realistic role… at the moment is isn’t that complex and very easy to place together. You got Solar panels and reactors for power supply… Assemblers and refinery for industry… Thrusters and Gyroscopes for movement and your pretty much set how everything is used… cargo hold for storage, and so on. You have a creative mode for unlimited resources,instant build and construct, your energy/life on your suit doesn’t drop and you don’t need fuel for your reactors on your ships… so pretty much have fun.

This game in survival and creative will stuck your time away if your a creative person… once you start making a simple ship then BOOM! your building a planet cracking Dreadnought… full operating turrets and loaded with massive warheads banks… Like your prepared for war… It almost brings a tear to my eye… then someone feels it needed to ram their noob ship into yours for the laughs. To be honest I like starmade I played about a year and a few months ago. It was fun… and this is every incomplete to be fun… it needs more modules… game modes and better survival… I’d like to have a campaign where I (or a team) fight armies of NPCs trying to destroy our base and we have to keep upgrading our equipment… salvage the enemy loot and keep upgrading our ships to survive… IN SPACE! then it would be a good recommendation… but I think I am getting ahead of myself…

They have added factions and making wheeled vehicles possible in the game, which I yet to have fun with… I should make a racetrack and such… Merge blocks which been handy with making a quick station with a group of noob ships. The game is enjoyable which can be worth buying if your very creative but I would hold off til they made more content.

as it stands I would give it a Beta 7.6 out of ten…