Drakeal Network | Pokemon… Oh I miss you ;_;

Oh, Anime, Games and collectables.... Pokemon being as long going as the simpsons and thensome.

I played the first gameboy games often, believe me this brand has been part of my childhood and I am sad that I been unable to play any of the new games that come out. The original Red, Blue and Yellow I recall the most. Missingno being abused than alchoal on happy hour, Catching 10 mew-twos and even glitch mew out a few times. When it comes to the first 151 pokemon, I became a master of the region no problem. The world? ehh I wished... I am now watching the black and white on netflix right now.

Now since I am all hyped out of Pokemon, its time to review the games... since I only played the first few games up to diamond and pearl when my cousin got it. I will limit my review to those games, It wouldn't be fair to the rest if I did.

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Response to ImageOfWildlife Tweet

Please, please let there be karma for this despicable excuse for a human being @MelissaBachman!! — WONDERS OF WILDLIFE (@ImageOfWildlife) April 17, 2014 Hunting, A sport… Sometimes its done to control large population of animals that damage the ego-system Read more…

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Moinetc Monthly Giveaway

Hello everyone, Moinetc, Officer of Drakeal Armored Division is holding a contest for those active on the website/forums/teamspeak.. If you play world of tanks it might be worth it. I will be sponsoring a giveaway for members of Drakeal Armored Read more…

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