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Now, Its been some time since I played Runescape and I currently have little knowledge of its current workings but a year ago a game I used to play in my childhood getting myself to combat level 100 and above Read more…

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FEMINISM Women are people! like everyone else.

Ok, I don't need to say or prove why feminism is a good thing, everyone needs to be respected reguardless of species, race, gender, age or interests. Yet you will find that one person once in your life that will think "feminism" is women power over men, which isn't true. I seen like millions of messages how feminists are ruining our county like gays, interrracial marriages or green energy. I went ahead and looked at the term of "ferminist"

Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women.[1][2] This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women.


This is something I support, I feel everyone should have equal say and be treated as a equal. Women do infact get the short end of the stick. Just look at Job pay, now this is coming from someone that makes less than minimium wage most of the time. Hard working women do not get the same pay for most jobs... This is a ideal that needs to be removed from corporations. There is no reason to pay someone less because they have diffirent sex.

The main reason this is a issue because of generations of teaching/peer-pressure that made men thing they have to save a women and be that one thing they truly want and once they do that they are their slave.... I find this to be bullshit... I am a single guy but I find someone to use someone else for their own pleasure or to allow them to be more lazy disgusts me.

My Grandmother on my father's side to me is angel, she loves, she forgives and tries to mend together our disfunctional extended family. Though our belief was diffirent than hers, she supported me... I didn't disrespect her because I know she wouldn't do that to me... She doesn't deserve that. Not many women get this treatment from others and its sad.

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Dragon Ball Z Kai coming to Toonami? Darn I wish I had cable



Well I will make this clear, I am a fan of dragonball, my brother and I both where enthralled in the show when it aired on toonami back when we where still in school. I remember the times I did the kamehameha many times as a child and wished I could fly thought the sky like they do. So many days when I wanted to get home to see the new episode of dragonball Z... Believe me when I curse in frustation that I don't have TV right now but I have finally a reason (and a very good one in my view) to get one again. 

For those that haven't watched the show when you grew up, or your parents didn't have the channel (or where sticks in the mud). I will give you a rundown please skip this if you want to watch it yourself, Goku the main character is grown up and married to chichi have a sun called gohan named after his adported grandfather. He heads over to master roshi's home to introduce gohan to goku's friends from the dragonball series. Then plot gets crazy as Goku's long lost brother raddits comes to check up on Goku which should have destoried the human species off earth for as his people are mercs for hire to take over the world... well used to be since their people's planet and most of their species where killed by friza which is a evil overlord of space and sent many civilations to ruin and most of the time hired sayians to do his dirty work (though watching the show english dub you get confused if he is a "he") well after raddits is killed, Goku also dies... now the warriors of earth must train for the sayians that where also coming to earth to find out what the dragonballs are.... and if what they heard is true wish for immortalty.... yadda yadda and this is just season 1... which the show isn't broken into seasons they are broken into sagas which vary in size.

Now, I bet I made it clear how much of a fan I am of this show. Who wouldn't be able to blow up a planet with their own body has a weapon to do it! yet that be horrible and life and such but still ENERGY CANNON BY HAND TO BLOW UP YOUR PLACE shenanigans... Even darth vadar wasn't as cool as half of the villians in this show. Hell just one sayian could destory Jedi and sith combined. Oh you have a droid army? thats cute. Would be the responce from Vegeta... I need to see if there is a starwars dragonball z crossover!

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Star Conflict Review

This Game... Its gameplay is what I am looking for a game... Its Pay to Win struture really pisses me off... 

With all MMOs a pay to win sturture is frowned on. If working weeks to get an item or levelup in less time with money... most games do a good job balancing this even some have started with some pay to win or similar and have changed their idea to allow those that work hard really get rewarded. Though a fancy hat would be nice like the one I had when I started playing lord of the rings but alas I am getting off topic.

I Love but HATE Star Conflict...

By EthanPow, ago

Lets Play Dad… Youtube videos

For those that are interested, Me and my father (Judicator) doing some videos on our Youtube channel.. Wanted to give some content for our Network Youtube channel, yet I need to work on other videos for other projects this was more of how easy could I make it for recording... and with FFsplit... Its made it very possible... Just need to configure it more for the next recording session me and my father do. (Youtube)

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