Kingdom and Castles

For a game that new that isn’t early access on steam gotta say, it’s a good time waster. [steam store page]

Kingdom and Castles is the god view kingdom management game where you start as a small hamlet to a mighty kingdom on a island… The game is like a sim city but medival goodness and dragons… like hell who doesn’t like dragons? well maybe your villagers as their house and farms gets roasted. Good if you don’t want to do much but if your not on easy mode how you design your defenses can royally wreck your whole kingdom.

Pretty good Job

As a clear sign that Minecraft has affected the gaming development scene that less is more, graphics. Kingdom and Castles has some placement bugs everything is nice to look at. The information is easily understood and not confusing. You get many “resources” starting with Lumber then stone… Each requiring more effort to acquire as the standard resource norm. You can get yourself in a pickle if you don’t plan ahead… If it is using up all your resources in making roads and there no more trees to harvest. Food shortages can be a problem early game and the demand for a library when you already have one because a house is outside its range.

The Bad

This game is only single player like many other city managers and sims. Hero’s (Generals) movement can be annoying for some. farming anywhere takes high-end resources and limited by the generator which you get to choose based on the seed you select or manually add in. Harvesting stone takes ages… like AGES to acquire and only becomes ideal if you have 4 quarries running at once on a single node or tools. sometimes it a race against the clock if you want to survive vikings… dragons are not really a problem as they normally hit a few buildings and fly away if you don’t have towers up which can be easy to recover from. Vikings drop happiness like nothing and steal people.


Pretty cheap at 9.99 USD, not a bad game to play around with as it has mild replayability. You might get more fun from other games but you like more games at a similar price with more going on. I do recommend this game for the solo king player.