To a father who has passed, My Eulogy to you.

I couldn’t get time to get to write this before your funeral and now I may never get a chance to say to you in person. A father of 9 children, 2 youngest he never get to see grow up all the way. Who risked a lot to keep them safe, who dared to stare into someone’s soul to protect his goal.

I hate that I don’t get to see you again, we never really got along and you didn’t seem to understand me for who I am. I felt hurt and abused sometimes from you… trying to tell you was hard to do. Under my breath, I would refer you as “princess” for your demands. I think your actions seemed selfish and sometimes I suffer to help you. Once we parted ways I was relieved that almost sickened me. There some reasoning under the surface… that’s what I believe anyway.

A man that had many jobs,  a workaholic, always needed to do something when awake and would exhaust himself. A truck driver, A bounty hunter, A manager, A owner, A literal boss and A Virtual Assistant is a few of the jobs he had. Even when he struggled with the finer things like computing he always knew who to find the right people. His charisma was his defining factor in his professional world and if he had made different choices (as he claimed to me as well) his reach would be limitless.

He really did care and worry about his children. And that’s why I care as much or more since his time has passed.