Something that is common and repeatable in human nature

The Urge to conquer, to claim and to control… Ark is no different in this regard, give everyone a chance to kill any other player character and there will be someone that strikes. It’s deep in their psyche that wants to raid to steal, gain or suppress targets to stay on top. Only Raiding seems to be on the front of many PvP players and the thrill of defeating a target. We seek power for any reason, the power to control our fates or others.

Ark: Survival Evolved is just that… Survival

In a Survival environment, the largest group with the loyalty, Knowledge, and Execution will always come out on top. An “alpha tribe” needs to be on their game and prepared to keep their territory under their reign. It’s not impossible but very unlikely for one person to take down a well-established alpha that is staying active. Pulling the Rug under the heads has happened but this is because they are ill-prepared for such responsibility.

In a survival game it is all about your actions

Because smack talk doesn’t mean shit if you can’t back it up with real action. If you get wiped, ya you gonna get pissed and say shit but normally at this point unless you can build up outside of the map on a cluster outside this “alpha” control not much you can do to claim revenge. It takes planning, intelligence, and patience for such to become a reality. Trying to smack when your down only amounts to baby whining, yet all of us has smack talked in anger. Raid your mind for solutions than your anger to lash out.

Keeping your cool, Bring your friends and work together to be the best. Its better to Raid than being Raided