I Have a Question about Gender Equality… #feedbackplease

I been a person that all in within humanity should be treated fairly and allow people of any gender/race/disability/role follow similar guidelines that don’t allow too much unfair balance for other groups.

After watching the tv at my father’s doctors appointment about gender equality in the local news report. I have to ask? how fair is good for gender equality.

Now, I don’t really support the example but mainly want to paint the picture to allow to answer this question(s).

  1. If a Man can’t hit a woman, why isn’t the same should be said to a woman hitting a man who isn’t doing anything to provoke or breaking the bond?
  2.  If a Man rapes, can a woman rape? If any, why?
  3. Why if a woman can’t breastfeed, should it be ok to starve a child?
  4. If a man cries is a wimp, why isn’t it fair for a woman to cry?
  5. Why is it so important for women to be over powering men?
  6. Why isn’t women stronger than men if they wasn’t posed to be submissive?

These are a few questions, granted I already know my answers… which I will provide mine in the comments… Please leave your responses there so I can read them.

  • 1. We shouldn’t need to cause any harm to each other on any level, doing so doesn’t give your gender justice. If we going complete fairness then any human shouldn’t harm another.
    2. Granted this isn’t reported as society favors females in this regard. Its comes down to consent, “no means no” and no other way.
    3. Breastfeeding is a NATURAL thing and shouldn’t be stopped… honestly keeping the child happy and healthy is ideal. If the mother being Reasonable then that’s all I can say about it.
    4. Humans have emotions and people need to express or release their emotions in healthy ways.
    5. Just because the past it was ok for societies to have woman has the similar level as items to be won and abused… we need to learn and come to common ground… trying to invoke a path of vengeance doesn’t do anyone any good.
    6. that not true, women can be as strong or stronger as males. Hell there are women UFC fighters… so don’t tell me women are weak.

    those are my answers to my own questions.