Please don’t be mad when I say how much I hate the idea of mass FFA… Especially in games that are one life. Fortnite disappoints me.

Granted I will NEVER get PUBG (unless a friend gets it for me.) and most likely will uninstall Fortnite. I only really wanted to play 50v50 mode… but it seems that I missed the window when it was running. Its gone now, great… I wanted a warzone of 2 factions, not a short-lived survival game… I’d play Survival of the fittest for that shit. Nonetheless I am ranting and honestly, maybe I should step back and explain why.

Starting from square one isn’t my cup of tea

I enjoy the idea of survival games and I rarely get into hardcore gameplay since hardly any of my friends want to get into it (Ark does pull BS deaths if you lag or glitch) I hardly see getting into short games. Though I never won a single game of fortnite because sometimes you have to wish you get the right moment to win… the first game I got 2 kills and was the 11th place of staying alive. Next game 6th but after that, it went all over the place. hardcore games that are short have very little to gain from and that rush from the playing is quickly squashed by how easily you lose… again and again.

I came in wanting a Battlefield-ish battle royal

I saw markiplier playing it and was like “OH HELL YA” in my head at work during a break… but once I got home and started up my computer my excitement dropped. Seeking a 50v50 battle seem ideal as the chaos of the battlefield seemed ideal. Since I am not happy with EA’s actions of late with loot-crates and such. Once I played and looked how to turn on 50v50 since there was no button I could see, I learned the shocking truth. It was a Limited Time Event… The only reason I wanted to play was removed. Continuing just to give it another shot… I had enough and pressed that uninstall button.

If you love FFA and being the best Tuskan raider then go ahead. I got Dinos to feed.

PS: I played this in beta for the PvE Campaign mode… It isn’t bad but this rant directed at the battle royal… If you going to play PvE or thinking about it… I would suggest it if you like its art style.