Guns and Schools

If you have heard recently there been a school shooting in Florida. Where a scum of the earth decided to act out and kill innocent lives at a place of learning. My goal in this article is to make a clear point. As I am on the fence about gun control… as there is a clear reason for both sides and I would like to end this discussion when we have solved this problem, not because we get distracted and bored of the topic.

Its Foolish for both extremes and Asinine to remain where we are now. I want people to exercise¬†their rights as its place in the US Constitution… without the lives of people to be on the line every day because someone crosses the line of sanity. We live in the real world, as far as I know, and seen first hand that no one in my life is going to return from the grave. Killing someone should always be taken seriously as someone wants someone gone for good.

Its Rotting action that Congress refuses to try something… one more regulation or two teach more people how to and respect these ‘tools’. Teaching the warning signs and never ignoring them to really keep people from being another grave or vase.

I honestly dunno either would work… there are working systems in other countries but they also have different¬†cultures that almost govern their way of life. The United States no longer has a unified culture that really brings us together as a family or country. Maybe at one point, we did have something but we also had many social issues.

But, My heart aches…

We fight, without learning or constructing more… we are under constant siege with our ideals and having this spirit of paragon of our future. ‘We want what we want and won’t fix until we get it’ has only brought us down this sinkhole. As Human lives lay dead on the ground because we can’t do something. It’s ultimately regrettable, as we refuse to do something as a nation.

We cannot move forward till we stop ourselves from going back. by going back is doing nothing… So we need to do something!