First Impressions

I like large battles, where is my fricken 50v50 mode! Fortnite Free-2-Play Review

Please don't be mad when I say how much I hate the idea of mass FFA... Especially in games that are one life. Fortnite disappoints me.

Granted I will NEVER get PUBG (unless a friend gets it for me.) and most likely will uninstall Fortnite. I only really wanted to play 50v50 mode... but it seems that I missed the window when it was running. Its gone now, great... I wanted a warzone of 2 factions, not a short-lived survival game... I'd play Survival of the fittest for that shit. Nonetheless I am ranting and honestly, maybe I should step back and explain why. (more…)

By EthanPow, ago
Rants and Raves

Y U CRASH!? Subnautica Rant!

Loading a new area…. Crash… Reloading the Game… Crash… Updating all drivers and try again… Crash… Wipe (but backup) world and try again… A few minutes of fun to “OH MY FUCKING GOD!” Going around and around with this game which I got in hopes they would get multiplayer (heads up; Read more…

By EthanPow, ago